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CraniumSoft: Grassroots Campaign To Affect Change

Dallas, Texas – The sick and dying crying out for help in an economy that is out of control, an education system going bankrupt, communities starving for much-needed funds; two stubborn Texans have had enough.

United by blood, driven by purpose, Marcus Barnes and Johnny Lynch believe they may have the answer to a simple question: what can we do to implement significant change?

The question may have been easy to come by, but the answer was not. Years of thought and sweat have, however, coalesced to form CraniumSoft, an Internet destination ( that could serve to change the nature of community funding as we now know it.

Via a platform called Synapse, accessed through, non-profit groups, booster clubs, agencies, any organization with a need, can partner with businesses to create a unique offer to bring awareness to its cause and drive dollars to the business.

The Synapse platform matches consumers and their organized causes to businesses that want to reach them based on location and compatibility. This platform uses these organizations as the conduit of communication to its members and each member then has an extended network of contacts outside of their group for explosive reach through social media and mobile communication.

To put it simply, Barnes and Lynch created a platform which causes businesses to become addicted to helping causes because doing so with the system not only improves consumer awareness but actually enhances revenue directly within their communities with real, verifiable sales.

A plan this groundbreaking needs just the right amount of chutzpah to pull it off, and in that regard first cousins Barnes and Lynch are the perfect men for the job. For Barnes, the father of two and an Internet technology whiz who started his own company in 1997, now is that moment to give something back.

“I figure it’s time to use my experience to make the world a better place,” says Barnes.

Lynch is a registered nurse working in an intensive care unit and father of three whose mantra is “It’s easier to love than to hate so why hate?” If change can be willed, Lynch is the man to do it.

“We cannot wait,” says Lynch. “People need this right now.”

To change the world is no easy task. Why then, living comfortable lives, would Barnes and Lynch risk it all in a project with no guarantees?

“I want to see a cure for Cancer. I want to see that happen,” says Lynch. “I’m tired of teachers getting fired. How can you get rid of teachers when you have more new students coming through the doors every year?”

Some of this passion stems from seeing their own suffer. A treasured uncle is stricken with ALS (often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Barnes and Lynch have seen how this has taken a toll on him and those around him. It’s not cheap to be sick in American and as the bills have mounted so has the stress on everyone involved.

The cousins decided to put their minds where their hearts are and do something to affect a change for the better for all those families who are suffering from illness or economic collapse. And it all starts in the communities.

Bringing community organizations and companies together in a mutually beneficial relationship was the end goal. After years of research it came down to one simple matter: change can happen when you tap into that which people care about.

“CraniumSoft is a vehicle to help the next person,” says Lynch. “We should give the community a chance to be a part of this.”

Instead of an organization worrying about how to get the word out for a fund raiser or the business owner wondering if their advertising dollars are having any effect, both parties will see a direct result of the partnership via CraniumSoft’s proprietary platform.

This is an innovative program with nothing truly like it in our community. Using technology and the social media – including Facebook and YouTube – to empower organizations and businesses to be able to do good in their community, Barnes and Lynch have changed how the game is played.

The duo is starting in Texas but soon all across America consumers will work virtually hand-in-hand with companies that are doing good to improve their own communities.

Like any grassroots campaign, however, the plan needs funding. Barnes and Lynch have opened this process to the public and are using the new-era method of crowd funding to fuel the enterprise. Donations of $10 or more or being sought and perks are offered to those who contribute. For more information, and to view the perks visit

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