Saturday , 26 May 2018

Contextual Artbitrage – The Saga of Opposing Counsel Unrestrained

What I am about to write is not intended to attack 90% of all licensed and practicing attorneys.  I have nothing but an honorable respect for the practice of law and feel most lawyers are well intended.  It is the minority who simply practice law without an intellectual respect and understanding of its nobility and true purpose in our lives that I am publicly addressing and speaking about. 

My head and heart continue to resist the endless squeezing of the vice-like grip and the monotonous slow ticking of divorce. The non-melodic asynchronized thud of a private cash register shows no sign of waning from its constant semi-automatic like ringing up of fees.  I know my wife is beginning to resist the shallow detached persona of her attorneys as they practice law using archaic and insulting techniques to all involved, and most sadly to her.  Her bank account forlornly draws down as the velocity of greed rolls on.  She truly does believe she is ascribing to sound advice but I can say with absolute confidence that she minimally is being harmed.  Her life will only get better once the shackles of economic avarice and the clear act of contextual arbitrage are untethered for good.  

We have begun some direct dialogue over the past three days and for this I am very grateful.  It has taken an outrageous combined spend of approximately $70,000 in less than four months, plus a substantial effort on my part to finally create some communication with my wife and begin the surgical separation of this entire process from her attorneys. Her attorneys certainly have caused a great deal of issues and mistrust between the two of us and for this I will always harbor complete disrespect and a keen sense of vigilance against these misplaced and rather oversized narcissistic egos.  

I will always sustain a quiet, persistent, and keen eye yearning for any mistake the firm and/or it’s two dispassionate attorneys may make over time so I can adjudicate their mis-dealings in a public forum.  Only the opportunity to create an in-kind experience is what I seek; assuming it is legitimate, ethical, and legal.  I miss my wife and feel discouraged that we have no chance of reconciliation.  I have observed with utter shock the senseless, yet skilled, self-dealing of her lawyers.  Most recently this includes an outrageous money burning episode that has lasted two plus weeks over an internet security access code.  

Both parties must provide online access to their respective bank accounts.  I have tried several methods of satisfying the court’s mandate, each in full compliance with the Judges decision .  The most recent one related to arrangements that I made directly for my wife to receive her own read-only username.  The streamlined process requires authentication for any unrecognized computer during access. There is a singular remedial step to take in which her attorneys when prompted click a selection to send a security access code text to my wife’s cell phone.  I had to do the same when my wife first sent me a username and password for access to her bank information.  The proper execution only requires the ability to read and make two mouse clicks; apparently a stunning and complex set of tasks to accomplish.  I even sent screen prints and instructions to all involved describing what they need to do.  We are still at ground zero. 

They are insisting that I have already established the code, that it is static in nature, controlled only by me, and it is incumbent upon me only to directly provide.  Process does not work like this but try educating an inert force unwilling to actually think beyond its provincial boundaries; a firm only committed to an unquenchable thirst for an universe of unlimted billable hours. This incident has not only been representative of numerous other inexplicable activities but is so costly with no provision for any financial recourse for either my wife or me. It has caused unnecessary friction between me and my attorney.  He and his staff are gracious and solid. I refuse however to utilize an intermediary any longer over this specific and prolonged inflection point.  I have tried on two other occasions and with no success.  Can’t and won’t try a third time.  

Again, my attorney is a very competent person and lawyer, but his counterparts cannot in my opinion be described similarly.  My attorney is copied on all emails that I send to our legal counterparties.  However, I am rigid in my resistance to shamefully waste additional money and my daughters eventual inheritance when I can communicate directly and have a better chance of actually achieving this elusive state of nirvana (attorney comprehension). 

My wife’s attorneys whine incessantly about my direct communication with them and even threaten to go in front of the Judge.  There is no law preventing me from addressing and explaining items directly, only the misguided collusive practice engineered by lawyers for lawyers. I will not stop until they demonstrate a mature equitable willingness to resolve this dispute absent absurd posturing and claims.  

Time moves on but hurt feelings, anger, nostalgia and confusion still remain.  I love my wife and wish her the best, which includes the absolute freedom from her self inflicted entrapment.

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