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Concert Review: Hollie Cavanagh is On The Mark While Online During Live Concert For Fans

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff







Hollie Cavanagh’s first online concert lasted only 20 minutes Thursday night, but the 2011 McKinney Boyd graduate and former Lady Bronco soccer player did an amazing job and put on a great show.

The British-born singer, who is originally from Liverpool, has recently moved to Los Angeles with her brother Luke to pursue her music career. But McKinney proudly claims her, just like it did during her run to the top-four of American Idol in 2012. Her fans, who call themselves “Holliepops,” fell in love from the beginning

Hollie has evolved tremendously as a signer since her debut on American Idol, and it showed Thursday during her live, subscription-only concert on At first, I was confused when I heard it was a live “online” concert, because I have never heard of anyone doing that before. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the idea is absolutely brilliant. It was set up so you could pay/donate however much you wanted to watch the concert and as it went on you could tip and contribute more. It was also available, too, for those overseas, and people from all over used the live comment feed to post about their love for Hollie.

During her first song she was animated and showed off her powerful voice. The way she hit those high notes took me completely by surprise. I had seen a few clips of her performances in the past but I never got a chance to follow her closely on the 11th season of American Idol, so this really showed me why everyone loves her so much. She is fantastic. Her voice was amazing and people even asked if she was lip-syncing because it was so good.


Her second performance, which was her cover of “The Way” by Arianna Grande, was also powerful and I personally love it more than Arianna Grande’s version. Hollie really blew me away on this one because she hit every note perfectly and she really got into it, which made it fun to watch. Watching her have so much fun with her songs made it that much more enjoyable for the audience.

“I’m going to faint!” angiemisperfect said.
“I may or may not be crying” eemilyrosee said.
“I don’t remember her being THIS amazing.” harryolaf1 said.

Her second original, “Girlfriend,” was her third performance and everything about it was spot on. The notes, the power, her expression, and everything else was just perfect. This was by far my favorite song and I will be purchasing it on iTunes as soon as it is available. After this song, Hollie read some of the comments and tried to converse with the fans as much as she could. She is so sweet and happy and the scene was so casual that it made it more personal and enjoyable to watch.

“Do you remember when I proposed to you in Nashville Tennessee?” taylorschwab said.

“When are you going to get that grammy? angiemisperfect said.

“A grammy would be nice but I think that’s a ways away” Hollie said.

Her final song was another one of her covers of “Change” by Carrie Underwood and, wow, was that spectacular! She dedicated it to those affected by the disasters in Oklahoma and that made the song even more emotional. She got really into that one. Hollie and Carrie have similarly powerful voices, so for her to cover this song was perfect. Man, what I would do to have a voice like that!

“If Carrie and Hollie and Angie did a tri o I’d probably die on the spot.” harryolaf1 said.

Hollie repeated how appreciative she was for her fans and the donations, and even the guitarist Russell was engaged with the crowd and gave his Twitter and Facebook information. She also mentioned that she will be releasing her album Outer Limit as soon as it’s through the mixing process. She is recording a music video next week. I think it’s safe to say that Hollie is a phenomenal artist and she will always have love and support from McKinney. We love you Hollie!

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