Saturday , 23 June 2018

Community Lifeline Center: New Counseling and Education for McKinney

By Eliska Counce, TSB Columnist

As Clinical Director of Counseling Services at Community Lifeline Center of McKinney, I am delighted to announce the launch of our Mental Health Initiative. Our agency is launching new counseling services available free to those in financial stress or crisis, including educational groups and individual treatment.

We are already scheduling clients for individual counseling, and anyone can sign up for our Relaxation and Meditation class starting on October 11 easily at our website, We at CLC have a vision: every citizen of Collin County, Texas will benefit from a local agency supporting a local environment that supports social and emotional well-being for our families. We plan to expand our counseling and educational services and provide these services with your help.

The mission of the CLC McKinney Mental Health Initiative is to develop and strengthen policies, practices, and services available to Collin County residents that promote learning and the social and emotional well-being of our community. But we need your help. We seek to create collaboration and engagement from schools, families, and other community-based agencies and institutions in order to make our Initiative a city-wide one.

The goals of our Initiative include the overseeing of counseling infrastructure for CLC that supports collaborative, integrated, and interagency approaches to mental and behavioral health of our citizens. We at CLC are demonstrating that mental health programs such as the ones we will offer are both necessary and indeed integral for the enrichment and success of our city. We want to partner with other community agencies, schools, and families in order to address the exact context and meet the needs of our city.

Also, CLC’s Mental Health Initiative has a goal to increase support, training, and the overall health of our families and community, and brainstorm with city leaders to create feasible and sustainable mental health funding models that will accommodate counseling staff, staff training, and will include diverse funding models and sources.

With a successful partnership with the city, the CLC Mental Health Initiative will result in improved functioning, behavior, and health of our residents as well as improved social-emotional well-being. Our Initiative will reduce stigma to mental health care and provide badly needed services for the most needy in our counties, many of these being our proud wounded warriors: our veterans.

Social and emotional well-being is crucial to success. This fact is no less true for an individual or a society. This is a shared responsibility of CLC, other agencies, schools, parents, and indeed, the entirety of the community. The programs need to be led by well-trained behavioral health staff and should be family-centered and culturally sensitive. The CLC Mental Health Initiative will partner with the community to focus on a positive city climate, reducing barriers to development and health.

Contact Community Lifeline Center to partner with us as we forge forward to improve the health and life quality of our city residents. We look forward to working with you to improve the life and lifestyle of all residents.

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