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“Coming Out” In A High School Near You

“Coming Out” In A High School Near You

“Coming Out” In A High School Near You

by Maggie Sipiora, student at McKinney High

A side note from the author: a HUGE thanks to one of my great friends for letting his inspiration rub off on me and allowing me to write about such a personal time in his life! Your the best, kid!

High School, the most important and life changing time of your life, right? No way. High school is a feeding ground where the pretty and popular prey on the not so cute and socially awkward. I don’t have to tell you that high school has its highs and lows, or for some people all lows. My high school career is almost at its end and I thank god for that fact everyday. Not because my high school experience was oh-so horrible, but simply because I cant wait to see what everyone’s life will be once the constant pressure of our parents subsides, or having those 146$ MissMe jeans with a silver crosses on the back pockets are vital. Or, how about the fear of being gay and the torment you might face from your fellow student population?

I’ve grown up being overly dramatic, addicted to WebMD, insisting I had every disease that I could possibly pronounce, Making up my own plays and performing them for my entire family at the dinner table, and singing and dancing to every song that came on in my mothers Volvo Station wagon, so it only seemed appropriate I went into theater. Thru theatre I have met many gay people, I’ve never had a problem with anyone being gay nor have I ever been made to feel uncomfortable. It has always just been a part of my life. It wasn’t until my one of my best friends came out our sophomore year that I realize how much I really couldn’t wait to get out of high school.

There had always been thoughts, questions and accusations of his sexuality, but it was always the elephant in the room until the elephant shouted it out loud and made it very clear he was attracted to men. When he told our group that he was gay it took no longer then two days for the rest of our entire class to find out and when they did the feeding ground was at frenzy. We couldn’t walk out of a class room or around a corner without a whisper or a glare or even a blatant comment. The typically nick names were yelled and the pain only ensued. But thru all adversity and what seemed maybe one of the worst times of his life he still walked around with the same confident swagger he had always had. Heading down from the lunch line at school one day someone threw an apple at our lunch table and yelled “Queer!” and the whole cafeteria laughed and roared, and he wasn’t phased one bit. I asked him,

“How can these comments just roll right off your shoulders? How are you so brave in such a scary place?!”

He looked down for a moment and when he looked back at me he said,

“Someone once told me, ‘Let people think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I am already better than them.’”

He was absolutely right. He was more then right; he was, in my mind, an inspiration. If we could all just accept one another despite our differences, high school and maybe the world, would be a far less scary place to inhabit.



“Someone once told me, ‘Let people think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I am already better than them.’”

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