Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Collin County’s Largest Law Enforcement Organization Chooses Eckenrode Over Hill

Collin County’s Largest Law Enforcement Organization Chooses Eckenrode Over Hill

Collin County's Largest Law Enforcement Organization Chooses Eckenrode Over Hill

With the May 29 primary elections less than a month away, state and local campaigns are in full-swing. The contest for Collin County’s Precinct 3 Commissioner’s seat pits longtime conservative businessman and Collin County community leader Ray Eckenrode against Chris Hill.

As with most primary battles, endorsements are a key indicator of where things are headed, and Eckenrode continues to amass an impressive array of support from key private and civic minded organizations and individuals.  In a county ranked as one of the safest and fastest growing in the nation, Eckenrode’s seal of approval from the Collin County Deputies Association (CCDA) – the county’s largest association of law enforcement professionals from each of the county’s 31 cities and towns – has cemented his credentials as the only candidate in the race with credible law enforcement support.

The CCDA carefully considered both candidates’ experience and expertise in the areas of budgetary finance, leadership and law enforcement acumen. Their process found clear differences between the two men – Eckenrode emerging as a proven business and civic leader with authentic substance and a clear vision for the county’s future. Eckenrode is the clear choice for the CCDA and its members to fill the vitally important Commissioner’s chair. As CCDA President Mitch Selman puts it, “Eckenrode simply gets it.”

“Ray understands the intersection between county budgetary policy and law enforcement’s ability to provide key services to county residents. He believes in making sure Sheriff’s Office and Detention Facility personnel have the full support of taxpayers, and that the County’s annual budgets reflect these long-held priorities. Ray’s been a leading business owner and law enforcement advocate for more than a decade, and he’s the only person in this race who has the real-world experience, the budgetary insight and the personal conviction to help Collin County maintain its standing as a public safety leader not just in Texas but across the country.”

“It’s one thing to mouth platitudes to law enforcement, as Ray’s opponent has,” Selman continues, “but it’s another thing entirely to have a record of supporting and defending local law enforcement. Ray’s a graduate of the McKinney Citizen Police Academy. He’s endorsed by the McKinney Police Association. He knows firsthand the partnership between thriving business and residential sectors and a responsive, robust team of local law police and first responders. Public safety and vitality demand it, and Ray gets it.”

For his part, Eckenrode relishes the support of the CCDA. “I’ve always been a staunch defender of our law enforcement community here in Collin County,” he says. “As a County resident, real estate professional and small businessman, I know firsthand the huge impact law enforcement has on public safety, and the positive perception it has for new business and job creation in our county. It’s vital we continue to support our Sheriff’s Office, to help them effectively fight crime and promote the peace. As Commissioner, I will already be well-informed in this vital area.”

Ray Eckenrode is actively promoting his vision and agenda to the residents of Collin County’s Precinct 3 preparing for the May 29 Republican Primary Election. He has the endorsements of local law enforcement groups, key civic and commercial organizations, and more than a thousand enthusiastic Collin County voters. To learn more about how you can be a part of his movement to keep Collin County Texas’ finest, please visit Ray’s campaign website,

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