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Collin County Rewind: This Week in History, Jan. 29

As January moved into February, events happened at all levels that impacted our area during the week of Jan. 29 through Feb. 4.

In 1784, a little known event occurred at the national level. Benjamin Franklin, one of our fore fathers, in a written statement, supported the wild turkey, a noble, intelligent bird in Franklin’s mind, to be our national symbol. As I have watched eagles soar around the stadiums during the playing of the National Anthem, I wondered what if Franklin had gotten his way?

In 1825, James W. Throckmorton was born in Tennessee. In 1841, his family moved to Collin County from Arkansas. He would serve as Governor of the state during the Reconstruction Period and later as a U.S. Congressman.

In 1848, a treaty was signed ending the Mexican War. The U.S. paid Mexico $15 million dollars for some southwestern lands that had been in dispute. The treaty permanently identified the border between Mexico and several states, including Texas. It also meant that the federal government would cease moving troops and supplies through the state, and our area, as it had done for several years to protect the southern border and fight the war.

In 1861, despite opposition in Collin and neighboring counties, Texas seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy.

In 1859, The McKinney Messenger, the first newspaper in Collin County was started.

In 1887, the post office in Lake Mills was closed because the population of the community had decreased to the extent that the postal system could not justify the cost. Residents began receiving their mail through the Wylie office.

In 1901, the post office in Aleo closed and mail was delivered from the Farmersville office.

In 1902, the community of Rock Hill, west of McKinney, officially incorporated with Prosper and discontinued its city government functions.

In 1905, “The 44’s Club”, an organization consisting of people born in 1844 and who served in the Confederacy, held its state meeting in Plano.

In 1909, the City of Plano, purchased a privately owned electric plant for $6,000 and began offering less expensive power to its residents.

In 1914, six youngsters in knee-pants broke into the Boren & Stewart Mercantile Store, stealing cigars, chewing gum, 22 shells and cigarettes. Later caught, the boys were reported to be the first juveniles arrested by the City of McKinney law enforcement.

By TSB contributor Don Newsom.  Newsom is a former Superintendent of Schools for Celina ISD and an avid historian.

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