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Collin County Rewind: Events in History the Week of Dec. 25

Historical events that occurred the week of December 25 through December 31.

Although annual celebrations and expectations for the future have been the main focus, significant events have occurred through the years that have impacted our area.

In 1842, Mr. Peg Whistler and Wesley Clements were killed in an Indian raid on Honey Creek, north of McKinney. Their wives and children survived. Mrs. Clements and the children fleeing to a nearby cabin and Mrs. Whistler hiding in the freezing waters of the creek. It is the first recorded death of settlers by Native Americans in the area that would become Collin County.

In 1845, Texas joined the United States as the 28th state. Considering the size, riches and independence of the state, some people have reversed the phrase from time to time, and said that the U.S. joined Texas. Unlike most new additions to the Union, the Republic of Texas was admitted to the Union through a treaty. One of the stipulations of that treaty, which is not widely followed out of respect to the Union, is that our state flag can be flown at the same height as the U.S. flag.

In 1848, a dedication and New Year celebration ball was held in the newly constructed county courthouse in McKinney.

In 1886, the post office in the Stiff community, northeast of McKinney, was closed because of a lack of clients and mail. Residents began receiving mail through the McKinney office.

In 1892, the pneumatic tire was patented, demonstrating that an air filled hollow surface could provide support for a heavy vehicle. Although not widely used for several more years, the concept has continually been improved and is the basis for tires on vehicles we use and depend on daily.

In 1898, Mack Abbott, a second generation pioneer, relocated his family within the county to Copeville.

In 1903, federal regulation created free rural delivery and post offices in Roland, Chambersville, Branch, Biggers, Bishop and Vineland were closed and residents began receiving their mail through the McKinney office. The office in Sedalia, near the Collin/Grayson county line, also closed. Those residents began getting their mail from Van Alstyne.

In 1904, despite the temperature being -20 degrees, the community of Plano held its annual rabbit chase used for a source of food and to lessen the rabbit population.

In 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed. It remained in existence until this week in 1991 when it was dissolved. In its 69 years of existence, it was a constant threat to democracy and our way of life.

In 1924, the Methodist Church of Farmersville was destroyed by fire. The members continued to conduct services in other churches in the community until their structure was rebuilt on the same site.

In 1948, the Texas Electric Railroad, a regional transportation system, which my wife remembers riding as a child discontinued service.

In 1956, a fire in Nevada destroyed two of the town’s businesses.

By contributing writer, Don Newsom, former Superintendent of Schools for Celina ISD and avid historian.

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