Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Collin County Rewind: A Look Back in History at the Week of Aug. 8

This week, weather, or more specifically, the heat wave, continues to be the topic of conversation. Weather also played a big role during this time frame in history.

In 1872, the First Baptist Church in McKinney was founded.

In 1883, the first picnic honoring county men who had served in the Confederacy was held in Old Settler Park in McKinney.

In 1888, a local businessman, D. J. Ferguson was awarded a contract to build an iron bridge across Wilson Creek to replace an old wooden bridge that was constantly under repair because of high water damage and excessive loads.

In 1889, a school was established in the community of Millwood.

In 1902, the First Baptist Church in Frisco was organized.

In 1912, disastrous straight line winds in excess of 100 mph destroyed buildings in the communities of Blue Ridge, Sedalia, Pilot Grove and Donna.

In 1929, a fire of mysterious origin burned a large part of Melissa.

In 1936, the hottest day on record in Collin County happened. The temperature reached 118 degrees.

In 1942, the Auburn Hospital was dedicated to serve the military.

In 1945, the second atomic bomb was dropped over Japan, killing over 75,000 in and around Nagasaki, resulting in Japan surrendering six days later.

In 1968, Richard Nixon was nominated for President and six years later, on the same date, he announced he was resigning. 

In 1981, the beginning of the technology we know today began when IBM introduced the first personal computer.

By contributing writer Don Newsom. Don is a former superintendent of the Celina ISD and a board member of the Collin County Historical Society.  Don and his wife Carol have been residents of the North Texas area for over 30 years.  For the last 20 years, they have resided in rural Collin County in a home built in 1890.


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