Thursday , 22 March 2018

College Corner: Prepping for the Move to the Dorm

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

“Mom, this closet won’t even hold all of my jeans!”

My jaw dropped in shock at how small my future dorm room at UNT was. Two of us will share a room that is 14.6 x 10.3. Four of us will share one bathroom, and this should be interesting right?

Well, moving into a dorm is like starting over; you have to buy new bedding, lamps, and organizing containers, even your own cleaning supplies! So, after meeting my roommate, we decided to shop for a few essentials at Target, Ross, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you’re looking for great deals on organizers, the Container Store has a blowout sale that lasts 2-3 hours. They have amazing deals on everything a college student would need. Every Container Store location has different dates and times, so check out to find the one nearest you. It’s totally worth it, I promise!

Being girls, of course everything in our room had to color coordinate. So, we settled on blue and green for the room. To say we went crazy would be an understatement. We bought comforters, sheets, a floor lamp, desk lamps, extension cords, trash cans, a rug, a table, bungee chairs, a TV, mini fridge, microwave, a Blue-ray player and every other item we could get our hands on. Of course, since we shopped together we split everything, which made it all a million times easier.

Obviously, you have to buy the basics for the room, but what else should you take to college to make sure you’re prepared?

1) Your own snacks, because from what I’ve heard the meat in the cafeteria isn’t the best.
2) Your electronics (Smartphone, Laptop, I Pad, Kindle, etc.) I’m not sure if we could survive without them.
3) A flash drive, because you know you’re computer will crash the night your midterm is due.
4) A stash of coffee and energy drinks for all of those all nighters you will pull.
5) A good pair of sneakers for all the walking you’ll be doing, girls it’s time to ditch the stilettos and sandals and invest in something a little more comfortable.

So if that’s what you should bring, what do you leave at home?

1. Your letterman jacket. No one cares what you did in high school.
2. Your trophies and medals. Again it’s time to start over.
3. That stuffed animal and blanket you’ve slept with since you were little. It’s time to keep the night light off and join the big kids.
4. Every article of clothing you own. Girls that closet won’t hold half of what you own, so you’ll have to pick out the basics. Looks like you’ll be living in Nike shorts and T-Shirts for a while.
5. Tons of pictures from your high school glory days. It’s time to meet new people, and bringing your past with you isn’t going to help.

Move in day for me is August 24, and I have no clue what I’m up against. It’s a completely new world and I can’t wait to experience it, except for the fact that I’ll have to do my own laundry now. Let’s just hope I don’t shrink anything and that I complete all my homework (just kidding mom!)

Even though I have a lot to learn I know I’ll have a blast, and even though most of my time will be spent in the library, I’ll still get an amazing experience and meet all kinds of people.

Photos: Top, Christine Baker (left) with her roommate; Above right, items for Christine’s first dorm room.

Christine Baker is an incoming freshman at the University of North Texas. Read her thoughts, and those of fellow College Life columnist Nikki Darling, on a regular basis on TSB.

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