Wednesday , 20 June 2018

College Corner: Moms in College Show It’s Never Too Late to Learn

By Nikki Darling, TSB Staff

It’s one thing for me to be awake at 2 a.m., typing away at a paper for class. But to walk into the kitchen to see my mom pulling her hair out doing the same thing still leaves me confused at times.

She’s a full time wife, a stay at home mom, community volunteer, and now a mom returning to college. With a yearn to work while my siblings and myself were in school all day, she enrolled at Collin College with hopes to obtain her nursing degree.

She went to class during the day and we did our homework together at night; I didn’t think much of the situation until my friends started to see her around the halls at Collin. It finally sunk in that she was that odd adult in the class that sat in the front and asked a thousand questions. I began to question if it was even possible for her to go back to college; was she really taking the same classes my friends were taking?

I was convinced it was all a myth, until she got home from school one day and promptly announced she had made friends, and they were friends her age and they were all going out to dinner together that night. All moms, all going back to college, all working towards a degree.

As a college student, it is hard to understand why someone would actually choose to go back to school, to suffer the long nights of studying and paper writing, the hours upon hours in a classroom with uncomfortable chairs and dim lighting. But I suppose it is never too late to learn; some moms chose to go back to school to prove just that. They are setting an example for their kids that it is never too late to learn.

After years of dedication to their families, some moms want to pick up where they left off years before. And like my mom does, that means working hard towards a degree. Now that kids are older and in school or college, moms have the time to go to class during the day and do their homework at night. It gives them something to do, and something to work towards.

Goals are important, no matter your age.

Calculating math problems as they stir the stew for dinner, moms all over are going back to school for one reason or another. Why exactly they choose to torture themselves with more years of classes than necessary, I will never quite understand. But hard work and dedication to learning, even after having three kids and in-laws to deal with, is something to be admired.

Nikki Darling attends the University of North Texas. Read her thoughts, and those of fellow College Life columnist Christine Baker, on a regular basis on TSB.

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