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College Corner: DIY Dorm Space Savers Make Life Easier

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

In college, your dorm room space is practically non-existent. There are ways to manage, though. The obvious ones are space savers such as bed risers, boxes, and containers. But we have discovered some new and more exciting ways to save space in your tiny home away from home.

1. T-Shirt Quilt: It has been established that bringing high school with you to college is not the best idea. But honestly, what are you ever going to do with all of those T-shirts you collected for spirit wear at sporting events, musical concerts, and fundraisers? Cut them all up and make them into a giant quilt.
Although it isn’t as simple as it sounds, it makes for an awesome keepsake.

Supplies: Rotary cutter, cutting mat, plexi-glass, ruler, sewing machine, pins, thread, iron, fusible interfacing, batting, backing, and scraps of fabric (for a border)

Step 1: Select up to 40 of your favorite shirts.
Step 2: Measure your largest design and base your measurements for all of the shirts off the biggest one (Mine were all 12×12).
Step 3: Once all of the shirts have been cut out, iron interfacing on the back of the shirts to prevent them from stretching.
Step 4: Now you can start adding a border of your choice (this is optional), usually about ¼ of an inch will work.
Step 5: Begin sewing all of the squares of fabric together.
Step 6: Use polyester batting with loft and backing to make the quilt more durable.

2. Clothesline Organizer: Keeping papers and important notes in a binder or folder is usually the easiest way for them to get lost. Having them hanging in your face will keep important notes and dates fresh on your mind so they don’t get lost with the rest of your schoolwork.

Supplies: A clothesline, thumbtacks, and paperclips

Step 1: Attach the clothesline to the wall or desk with thumbtacks.
Step 2: Take important papers, notes, and dates and attach them to the clothesline with paper clips.

3. Nail Polish Rack: Girls, throwing all of your nail polish into a bin isn’t going to make anything any more organized. Having to rummage through mounds of clinking nail polish can be a pain, so why not put them on display like the nail salons do to make things easier and get more organized?

Supplies: Shower tier, nail polish, and spray paint

Step 1: Find a nice sized shower tier or caddy from any local store (Ross, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.).
Step 2: Since most tiers and caddies are silver, spice it up by spray-painting it the color of your choice.
Step 3: Once the rack is dry, organize your nail polish (mine is by color) and display them nicely in your room or bathroom.

4. Magnetic Makeup Board: Now this idea has been wildly popular for girls recently. It’s always a hassle to dig for your makeup in drawers when you’re trying to get ready, so displaying everything neatly on a magnetic board is a fun and easy way to save space and add some decoration to your room or bathroom. Guys, even though you might not use it for make up, something like this could come in handy for toiletries.

Supplies: Dry erase board (mine is 17×23 from Wal-Mart) or a cookie sheet, magnets, decorative paper (mine is from Michaels), Modge Podge, glue gun, and ribbon

Step 1: Measure and cut your paper so that it will fit on the board.
Step 2: Clean your dry erase board and add one coat of Modge Podge to the surface.
Step 3: While the Modge Podge is still wet, put on the decorative paper and cover the entire board (If it’s not perfect around the edges that is totally fine).
Step 4: After the paper is on, add another coat of Modge Podge on top of the paper, this will give the board a nice glossy finish.
Step 5: Measure your ribbon of choice to fit around the edges of the board.
Step 6: With the glue gun, glue down your ribbon as your border for the board.
Step 7: Using the glue gun, glue magnets to the back of your make up or toiletries (Larger products may need multiple magnets).
Step 8: Once everything is dry, organize and attach all of your products.

All of these ideas are extremely popular for going back to school, and can add decoration and help you save what little space you have!

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