Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Christmas Memories: It’s All About the Theme

TSB’s Stuart J. Pearlman shares a vivid holiday memory as part of our seasonal series.

It was 1980-something and I was a single guy living in New York City. Shopping for Christmas and Hanukah gifts for my family back in Texas presented multiple problems. … What do I get them? How do I get it all back home? When would I have time to shop?

Fortunately, I was not living alone. My roommate, Mr. Jack Daniels, spoke to me one wintry night and gave me just the insight and direction called for under the circumstances. Suddenly before my eyes appeared the Jack Daniels catalog, full of wonderful surprises no on would ever expect. And they would ship!

My father was the proud recipient of a Tuffet Stool (that’s right the same one Little Miss Muffet sat on, I was sure) and one of my brothers got their very own set of JD shot glasses. There were flasks and cookbooks and belt buckles and genuine wooden signs that said ‘Jack Daniels’ on them.

It would be a stretch to suggest everyone was excited by his or her gifts but they sure were surprised. No conventional socks, sweaters and ties here. (Well actually I think someone did get a JD tie!)

At the end of the (holi)day, my shopping woes went away and I went back to snuggle in my bed with my roommate. (That just sounds wrong!!)

I wish everyone a “Happy Holiday”, no matter the flavor, and want you to remember if you get caught short of gift ideas, simply look for a theme in Old No. 7!

— Stuart J. Pearlman

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