Sunday , 24 June 2018

Charlie Faye to Perform Saturday at Wounded Veterans Benefit Concert at Wales Manor

Charlie Faye and band will perform at the Wounded Veteran Benefit Concert on Saturday, Aug. 13, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Charlie recently toured Ireland and currently in the middle of her U.S. Tour, near her hometown of Austin. The cost is $10 with children under 16 free.

Bring a lawn chair (winery tables/chairs are limited and go fast). We suggest you arrive by 7:15 p.m. And do not forget- NO OUTSIDE BEER, WINE, LIQUOR, or BEVERAGES! We will be selling wine margaritas, sodas and water.WE ID!

Special guests are Volunteers and Wounded Vets from Heroes on the Water. Concert Proceeds will go to help Heroes On The Water.

Heroes on the Water’s mission is to help wounded warriors rehabilitate and reintegrate into society.


“Defining Americana Music”

Having recently toured Ireland, Charlie is currently in the middle of her U.S tour (from West to East Coast). Dallas/Ft. Worth is in the middle of the tour and near her hometown of Austin, TX. Now–on to the music: An Americana/Folk with a Texas mix. I urge you…. Go to her website and listen!    

ISTHUMUS DAILY–“If Lucinda Williams and Melissa Etheridge were roommates in one of those cottages, they’d be making Charlie Faye music.Wilson Street is a ten-song helping of music that swings from polished folk-pop, to the countrypolitan sounds of Nashville in 1977.”

AMERICAN ROOTS–“When I hear a song just a few times and wake up with it in my head, I know I really like it.  Such is the case with the opening cut Bottletops on the debut cd by Charlie Faye.  Her musical career began in her hometown of New York where she fronted a band called The Jerks, and toured entertaining children in Dan Zanes band. Charlie moved to Austin a few years ago seeking inspiration and a sense of community, which is exactly what she found and threw herself into. She ended up on Wilson Street, an area long called home by Austin musicians.  Most of the tunes are upbeat catchy americana tunes. Charlie is one of those singers who has that unidentifiable something extra in their voice; some kind of “secret ingredient” that certain singers, such as Natalie Merchant have that others don’t.  Charlie wrote many of the tunes on the disc at her Wilson Street cottage on an old Gibson guitar.  While certainly a tough cookie, some of the tunes show a softer, more vulnerable side, as on the beautiful soft acoustic closer Ready To Fall”–

More on Wounded Veterans

Today’s Warriors are exposed to hostile fire and  combat stress 3-6x longer than their fathers and grandfathers endured. During World War II, the average time spent in the combat zone was 7 months. During the Vietnam War the average was 15 months, whereas during the Global War on Terror, the average time a warrior spends in combat is 45 months.Modern technology helps our troops survive wounds that were fatal in prior wars. However, many of the wounds are invisible: 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan Vets show signs of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression. From 2003 to the present time (2010), there have been 5,773 U.S armed forces deaths and 31,902 wounded from hostile fire, IED amputations, burns and other injuries. In addition, it is estimated that there are 300,000 suffering with PTSD and 320,000 with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Reports indicate that the numbers of injured military personnel is increasing by 50 per month. There are 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans who are receiving some type of treatment from the Veterans Affairs Department with an average of 18 veterans committing suicide each day.

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