Monday , 23 April 2018


Mac Talk: Where Do You Prefer to Get Your News?


For this week’s Mac Talk question, asked citizens where they prefer to get their news (e.g., print newspaper, online, broadcast news, etc.). Share your answers in the comments below.

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Emily Garrison: Outrage Over MISD Redistricting is Telling

mckinney boyd high school

With the touchy subject of re-zoning a hot topic right now, I felt, as a former student, that I should weigh in. I’ve lived in McKinney now for almost 14 years, I’ve grown up here and it sickens me that so many people are “outraged” that their child may go to McKinney North High School or McKinney High School. Are ...

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Trending in McKinney: What’s In and What’s Out Around Town

WinCo Foods McKinney TX

I  chuckled out loud as I read Pegasus News’ 39 trends that are out/in around Dallas so I decided to come up with a McKinney version. After all, we are living in the second best place in America, right? Let me know what’s on your list, McKinney! Here’s my list of what’s Out and what’s In: 1. OUT: Cupcakes and ...

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Angie’s Insights: Seriously Starbucks, More Temptation in January?

The Salted Caramel Squares at Starbucks
(Photo from Starbucks website)

Like some of you, I’m working on getting rid of a few (ok, so more than a few and I can’t bear to see the number in writing) unwanted holiday pounds, which appear to be the result of weeks of over-indulging (think eggnog, a martini or two … or maybe three, my favorite raspberry bar cookies, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies ...

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Letter to Editor: Let’s Look for Opposing MISD Rezoning Alternatives

mckinney boyd high school

Amanda Szecsy submitted the following letter to concerning the ongoing McKinney ISD rezoning talks: I read the McKinney Town Square Buzz article on the rezoning.  My family lives in one of the areas that is proposed to be rezoned, one of the five neighborhoods zoned to Wolford.  I am opposed to the rezoning and am hoping the Board and ...

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Square Off: Paying for Online News and McKinney’s New Watchdog Group

Square Off Jan 9

Matthew Bado and Sara Thomas are back in the new year to discuss the following hot topics: Paying for original content on TSB Former McKinney chief of police heads to Prosper McKinney’s new government watchdog group wants the city manager gone Bob Tomes has angered neighbors…again The swine flu is back and it has already taken two lives in Denton ...

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City Councilman Rebuts `Rumors, `Misinformation’ About City Manager

Don Day, who represents District 1 in McKinney’s City Council, submitted the following letter to the editor at concerning recent talk about City Manager Jason Gray: By Don Day I am concerned that a small group of people are spreading false rumors concerning the McKinney City Manager Jason Gray and I have a few comments regarding this misinformation.First I am proud ...

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Letter to Editor: Keep Wolford Zoned to McKinney Boyd

I am a parent of a student that is being affected by the proposed high school rezoning. My son, Gregg, 14, is currently enrolled at Evans middle school (8th Grade). He and his friends have been together for his entire school career beginning at Wolford Elementary. The proposed rezoning concerns me due to the following: 1) My son, who is ...

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10 Reasons Why You Never Have to Leave McKinney


Much of McKinney has changed evolved since my family moved to McKinney in 1991. I remember when we went to Plano every weekend just to see a movie or grab a bite to eat. These days I find myself immersed with all Mckinney has to offer. So much so that I consciously have to make plans to step out of the ...

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Mike Albanese: SEC’s Reign of College Football Dominance Ends

If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. And for the Southeastern Conference champion Auburn Tigers, their luck finally ran out Monday, falling to Florida State University 34-31 at the Rose Bowl in the BCS National Championship game. Wasn’t it ironic, though, that the college football player who broke the hearts and sent remotes flying across ...

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