Wednesday , 20 June 2018


Angie’s Insights: It’s Time For City Council to Make a Decision About McKinney’s City Manager

Update: The City of McKinney has announced that City Manager Jason Gray resigned Monday night. Original Story: Occasionally I wish I could go back to just being a regular citizen who lives and works in McKinney – one who is not aware of all that goes on “behind the curtain,” so to speak, of city politics. Those days are gone. ...

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Square Off: Should McKinney Follow Frisco’s Lead and Ban E-Cigarettes?


Matthew Bado and Sara Thomas discuss the following topics on this episode of Square Off: McKinney’s Johnny “Bobsled” Quinn hits the track in Sochi on Saturday and Sunday in the four man bobsled race. Early voting is underway – Pimp Promote your candidates of choice in the comments below but please be nice. Frisco banned the use of E-cigarettes in ...

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TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: RoboCop Is Different Than That ’80s Version You Remember

In the year 2028, when Detective Alex Murphy is seriously injured in the line of duty, global conglomerate OmniCorp seizes their chance to put a man in a machine. RoboCop is the shiny remodel based on the 1987 original, however it isn’t as graphic. And that’s fine. Before I go any further, I have a confession. I love terrible ’80’s ...

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Opinion: I’m Going to Shoot Straight About `Concealed Guns’ After Taking CHL Class

Being raised in Texas, there are some things you will most certainly come across. They include delicious home cooking, loud cicadas in summer, traffic on Sundays due to church and…..guns. Starting from an early age my father began educating me about guns. For instance, they are not a toy. And he demonstrated how to safely handle a firearm. He also ...

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Got Winter Olympics Fever? Curling Class Proves Challenging and Competitive

Leading Lines

Once every four years the top winter sports athletes get their chance to shine and compete against the rest of the world in the Winter Olympic Games. It’s no surprise though that Texas, a state that closes down schools at just the thought of ice, isn’t a big competitor in the Arctic athletics. That being said, North Texas has quite ...

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Collin County Conservative Activist Responds to Criticism of Commissioners’ Meeting with Cruz

The Dallas Morning News recently ran a story questioning whether the Collin County Commissioners’ recent meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz violated the Texas Open Meetings Act. The story states that Cruz “met with a number of local elected officials on Feb. 7 at the Commissioners Court in McKinney. There was no public notice of the meeting, where water, transportation, economic development ...

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Mac Talk: Will College Player’s Sexuality Affect His NFL Career?


Mac Talk asked shoppers around McKinney’s historic district if they are watching the winter Olympics and if Michael Sam’s revelation that he is a gay college football player will effect his chance in the 2014 NFL draft.

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Square Off: McKinney’s Johnny Kool-Aid and Openly Gay Football Players

quinn door

It’s a very special Valentine’s Day Square Off as Matthew Bado and Sara Thomas spread the love while discussing the following topics: Johnny “Kool-Aid” Quinn Olympics WFAA’s Dale Hansen calls out NFL hypocrisy  Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Smile Everyone! McKinney is One of America’s 10 Happiest Mid-Sized Cities

happy city limit,  a real estate research site, recently came up with a way to measure a city’s “happiness” and our own McKinney, Texas, is on the list. Big grins to all! Although Rochester, Minn., may be considered the No. 1 Happiest Mid-Sized City in America, good ol’ McTown is No. 10. Here’s what writer Randy Nelson had to say about McKinney: ...

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Mac Talk: Ok Shoppers, What do You Think of WinCo Foods?


WinCo Foods opened its doors in McKinney last week so we decided to head out and see what all the fuss is about.

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