Monday , 23 April 2018


Angie’s Insights: Read On

Angie Bado

If you are like me, you often find it difficult to find time to get, and stay, connected with your community, especially if you are employed outside of McKinney. Lack of time can make it tough to feel in the know with what’s going on around town. Enter the website where you can discover, create, engage and get connected! ...

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School Bullying An Epidemic Afflicting Students in McKinney


We can no longer ignore the bullying that is prevalent in our McKinney schools. I have had two kids who have gone through the McKinney school district. It is unbelievable to say that they were both so bullied by MISD students that I had to call the police multiple times. Even when the students admitted to their roles when questioned ...

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Tales of a Confession, Reality TV and a Glimpse of Landon Winery


I have to make a confession. Something that I have been hiding from the world. A guilty pleasure that has consumed me since 2009. A secret so big, my own husband has been threatened with an end to me doing his laundry if he were to tell. Yes folks, I have an addiction. A completely unhealthy, unreasonable and irritating addiction ...

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Angie’s Insights: Glad I’m Not In Council’s Shoes On This One

Angie Bado

Arguably, one of city council’s most difficult tasks must be the appointment of citizens to fill the positions that come available on McKinney’s many boards and commissions. (I’m glad I’m not sitting in any of their shoes on this one). While some of these boards make major decisions, such as to how funds are spent or, for example, which projects ...

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I’ll Go Back to Wales Manor When…


I love the idea of Wales Manor, I really do.  I love wine and I love outdoor concerts.  However, I won’t go back anytime soon until they change their policy toward outside beverages. You can bring in outside food…great for a picnic but all beverages must be purchased from Wales.  No outside WATER is permitted.  That’s what really grinds my ...

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Opinion: ‘Just Say No’ is Not Enough


Don’t short-change students on sex education – By Brandie Sellers I am tired of hearing there is no money on federal or state levels for things like education, health care and birth control. There’s plenty of money to carry out a ten-year assassination campaign on Osama Bin Laden, a man who’s death I’m not sure is impacting my life. And ...

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Opinion: Where’s Your Purple Finger, McKinney?

by Cindy Evans, contributing writer As another local election rolls around, I have been struck by the contrast between democracy as an idea, and democracy as a reality. I turn on the news and see American leaders expressing the importance of bringing democracy to countries across the globe.  I watch protesters and armed fighters who are willing to be killed, ...

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Opinion: Don’t Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College

Opinion: Don’t Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College Opinion: Don't Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College A majority of GOP lawmakers in the Texas House back a bill that would allow concealed license holders to carry their guns into public college buildings and classrooms. I’m sure I’m in the minority but if enacted into law, I ...

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