Friday , 27 April 2018


Chris Hill: Commissioners Court Approves Tax Rate Cut

This week, the commissioners court approved the 2014 county budget and tax rate. I’m thrilled to report that Collin County remains economically strong and financially healthy. The county population continues to grow at a dynamic pace, and we’ve taken a careful and deliberate approach to address the needs of our expanding community. In addition to funding the ongoing services of ...

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Letter to Editor: Reasons to Reject TRE, From an `Overtaxed’ Citizen

MISD has called a special “irreversible” tax rate election on Saturday to increase YOUR rate 12.5% (avg home $300) to get an additional $1.7M from the state…also YOUR tax dollars, which will be one of the HIGHEST in the state.  Before casting your ballot, there are several facts you may want to consider: *MISD already has a debt load of ...

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Letter to Editor: Seniors’ Tax Rate Not Affected by TRE

Saturday is the final day to vote on the McKinney ISD’s Tax Ratification Election, and we wanted to make sure seniors over 65 are aware their taxes will not go up if the TRE passes. The McKinney ISD freezes the tax rate of homeowners when they turn 65, and their taxes remain the same regardless of fluctuations in tax rates. While voting to ...

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Square Off: A Final Look at the MISD Tax Ratification Election

Education Apple

Matt Bado and Sara Thomas take issue with several arguments against the McKinney Independent School District Tax Ratification Election (TRE). As always, we invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Note, Sara states it takes a house valued at $350,000 to educate one child in MISD. However, the MISD Chief Financial Officer told TSB that it actually ...

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Letter to Editor: TRE will send Message About Education

Of course I do not want my taxes to go up unnecessarily. Nor do I want my property value to decrease. If the TRE is voted down this message will be sent loud and clear: Education is not a priority in McKinney, Texas. And if education is not a priority to a community, fewer people will want to live, work, and relocate their ...

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Mike Albanese: They Are The Washington Redskins, and Don’t Forget It

Earlier this month former Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, now “The Monday Morning Quarterback,” announced he will no longer refer the Washington Redskins as such. Instead, King states, his site will refer to the team as the “Washington football team” as a protest against Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s reluctance to change a name many feel is degrading to those of ...

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Eliska Counce: The Many Faces of Carpool

Well, now school is well underway, and we parents are all settling in to the routines. Around Chez Counce, this time of year combined with three elementary school students means transportation issues. The school is too far away and across a state highway, so walking is out. And since buses are just little episodes of Lord of the Flies waiting ...

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Letter to Editor: Concerned Mom Asks You to Vote `Yes’ to TRE

Last year, my family relocated from Western New York to Collin County. Since my husband works at home, we were afforded the luxury of choosing what city we wanted to live in. As we have two children ages 10 and 12, schools were a major factor in our decision. After much research, we narrowed our focus to Allen, Frisco and McKinney. Our decision ...

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‘Square Off’ Tackles Syria: What to Do? What Not to Do?

Assad Cartoon

On this week’s episode of Square Off, Matthew Bado and Sara Thomas take a break from local issues and dive into Syria. Read “Everything You Need To Know About Syria’s Chemical Weapons” from The Washington Post. Let us know what you think! What might happen if the U.S. strikes? What might happen if the U.S. doesn’t strike? Should we help with humanitarian aide ...

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Angie’s Insights: Vote Yes for TRE, McKinney, It’s About the Entire Community

It’s time to bite the bullet, McKinney residents, and put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. Yes, we are all faced with voting for or against the McKinney ISD TRE  (tax ratification election) this week and next. No one, myself included, wants to pay higher taxes, but I shudder to think of the consequences to our students, ...

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