Thursday , 21 June 2018


4 Cafés in Downtown McKinney, TX to Satisfy Your Next Coffee Craving

Spoons Cafe Facebook Page

  fILTER(ed) Filter(ed) is the perfect combination of an organic modern coffee bar and a cafe/jazz lounge. Hand-crafted coffee, water infusions and great attitudes greet you from across the sleek wooden bar. The very first time I went in and sat down it felt like I was at a friend’s house. An employee came up to me with a smile and ...

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Letter to the Editor: Why I Quit


I recently resigned as a McKinney precinct chair in the Collin County Democratic Party. I did so on a matter of principle. The Chair of the Party’s Communication , Diane Trieder, posted a note on one of the Party’s two social media pages, supporting the protests in McKinney, following the posting of the viral video from the McKinney pool incident. ...

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Angie’s Insights: Last Words on McKinney’s Chief of Police


  Before I leave my forum for penning (OK, typing) my preferred type of writing — op-ed pieces — there are a few last words that I want to share, even though no one asked my opinion. Here are some of my thoughts concerning the situation that I wrote about with regard to the McKinney Police Department. I’m referring to the ...

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Square Off: Saying Goodbye

Square Off Logo

In its final taping, Square Off thanks the citizens of McKinney for their support and discusses the importance of local media.

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Square Off: Judge a School by its Character, Not its Cover Page

Square Off Logo SPRING

This week Matt and Sara welcome the warm weather as well as Sunshine Week, discuss McKinney’s media-friendly Johnny Quinn, and why those looking to move to McKinney should focus on all three high schools’ unique nature.

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Mac Talk: Should e-Cigarettes Be Regulated?

e cigarette

With the City of Frisco banning the use of electronic cigarettes in public places, Mac Talk hit the streets to ask citizens what they think.  Several middle schoolers shared with us in confidence that their older siblings use them without their parents’ permission.

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Square Off: It Must Be Nice to Get a Year’s Pay to Go Away

Square Off McKinney TX

Square Off is McKinney’s no-holds barred opinion show. This week the crew discusses the city manager’s 12-month severance package. Plus, could Texas turn into a blue state sooner than later? That’s just what the Wall Street Journal analyzed this week. Join the conversation below!  

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TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: Don’t Expect Too Much From`300: Rise of An Empire’

 Imagine watching a really violent and strange video game on a giant screen. Gratuitous violence, very little clothing and cliched lines….this is 300: Rise of an Empire! It’s a giant prologue that references the original 300, and in the last five minutes of the film it reaches a new plot point. The film felt slow, even though lots of people were ...

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Truett St. Tragedy, Then and Now: A Team of Bulldogs Will Never Forget Their Brothers


McKinney North High School opened its doors to a single freshman class. The large school felt empty to those in attendance, but with no upperclassmen, they were seniors for four years. The small student population was led by an even smaller group of football players who spent upwards of 10 hours a day with one another between classes, workouts and ...

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Mayor Loughmiller Submits Open Letter to McKinney Citizens

McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller

Editor’s Note: The City of McKinney is undergoing a transition following the resignation of City Manager Jason Gray on Feb. 24. Mayor Brian Loughmiller submitted the following open letter to McKinney citizens on Friday morning: Dear Citizens of McKinney: Over the past couple of weeks you have undoubtedly read about transition and changes in the City of McKinney. While change is often ...

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