Monday , 23 April 2018

Carpe Diem Y’all: Color Me Committed

My name is Michele and I am a calendar-aholic. 

Anyone else out there love the process of coloring and doodling, I mean, planning and plotting as much as I do?  It’s my favorite part of January.  January is when I get to break out my fresh, unspoiled calendar and color-coded pens.  The blank calendar is the virgin canvas to my inner- Picasso. The blank canvas, I mean calendar, begs to be decorated, I mean, filled with important dates.  Later, my masterpiece, I mean calendar, begs to be displayed in the well-trafficked art gallery, I mean dining area in my kitchen.

Each January, I spend a good amount of time deciding on a logical color-scheme, I mean planning.  Blue for anything to do with my husband, because that’s the color of his beautiful eyes.  Red for anything kid-related because that is a school color.  Black for events set in stone, and Green for business, because that is the color of the money I hope to make.  For my personal concerns, such as work-outs and doctor’s appointments, nothing will do but the color Purple, because, that is Donny Osmond’s favorite color, of course. 

With markers in hand, I get to work.  I fill in family birthdays (what’s a birthday without balloons?), and anniversaries (circled with a romantic heart and pierced with Cupid’s arrow).  Next, other events and celebrations important to our family are marked.  Travel dates are recorded.  Community events and holidays are given a place of honor with the appropriate squiggles and flairs. Any future business endeavors and travel green up the months like fresh grass growing in the spring.  

In all seriousness, I’ve learned that when I spend planning time on the front side of a project, whether it be a trip to the grocery store, a new business endeavor, a dinner party, or the fresh New Year, it’s well worth my efforts.  With today’s technology, not to mention today’s good old fashioned office supply aisle and stores, there are literally millions of planning and organizational tools at your finger-tips.   While I’m a colored marker and desk-calendar kind of girl, figure out what works for you, then give it a shot. 

Some folks may balk at the idea of doing more than ‘penciling in’ a calendar.  If you are one who has a hard time sticking to a plan though, trust me, nothing says commitment like a date committed with a permanent Purple marker.  Chances are you won’t forget to do that thing flashing at you in bright red.  If the color blue makes you smile, you will move heaven and earth to honor the time commitment smiling back at you. And, these days, anything green is a good thing, right?

Happy New Year friends, and Carpe Diem, Michele



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