Saturday , 26 May 2018

Carpe Diem Y’all: 50 by 50

There is something delicious and decadent about a conga line.  This thought bounces around in my head as I hang on for dear life to the stranger in front of me, while whoever has latched on behind me tugs and pushes and dances me forward to pulsing rhythms. Oktoberfest in downtown McKinney is in full swing.  What a wonderful finale to a superb weekend.  What a wonderful finale to a superb year.  What a superb way to say hello to my 49th year on the planet.

Today, as I sip my morning coffee, I think of the years past, and look forward to the years before me.  I consider My Ultimate To Do List, aka Bucket List.  I mentally tick off the things I’ve accomplished, and the things I’ve yet to do.  My guess is, you have such a list too.  Mine reads something like this:  1. Learn to play guitar; 2. Travel to Fill-In-The-Blank; 3. Write more thank-you notes; 4. Mail Them! 5. Sing into a microphone at least once. 

I grab a pad and a pen and begin to add to the list.  Before I know it, I am looking at a rather long list of things that I want to do, accomplish or experience.  I become anxious.  I realize as I stare at 49, it’s time to get to work.  Carpe Diem, y’all, indeed!  With List in hand, I find my calendar.  I decide to commit real time to honoring My List, and challenge myself to check off 50 by 50.  Challenge accepted.

Accountability is key to any worthy challenge, so, from time to time, I will check in and report on my progress.  I might even take a few pictures and shoot video along the way so we can share the experience and lots of good laughs.  Meanwhile, I invite you to join me.  What’s on Your Ultimate List? Think you can do 50 x 50?  Challenge Accepted?

And yes, “Lead A Conga Line” is most definitely on My List!

Carpe Diem Y’all, Michele  


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