Sunday , 24 June 2018

Can You Tell Your Life Story in 6 Words?

In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a complete story in just six words. People say Hemingway considered it his best work. The story? “For sale: baby shoes, never used”.

The idea of imagining a complete idea in only six words caught on and today there are multiple online sites with six word stories ranging from the fun- “Trapped in vinegar. What a pickle!” – to the sad “Genius Born. Drunk Driver. Genius Lost.” 

Imagine distilling your life to six words; or, condensing a relationship, a business problem, a sporting event to its very essence. For many of the nearly 500 families who are served each month by Community Lifeline Center it is that simple Things are going well, everything in order, bills are paid, and BAM!  something breaks. For many of the families in need, their six word story is “Doing well. Oh no. Now what?” It could – and does – happen to any of us. Too many of us.  Good people tripped up by something simple: an event that sets a whole series of consequences in motion. A working couple visited by serious spousal illness; an older parent forced out of the serenity of empty nesting into a second round of child rearing. Divorce, job loss, illness, death, change in family size – uncomplicated and devastating.

Community Lifeline Center sees the impact that these events have on Collin County adults and families. The goal is to keep families together and to keep them in their home, so that they can regain their balance and become self sufficient as quickly as possible. There is no recidivism or long term care: just a shoulder to lean on so families can quickly – within a month or two – stand on their own again.

Your encouragement in that mission is appreciated. Your support is vital. Community Lifeline Center is helping residents of McKinney and North Collin County write their own six word life stories. Perhaps by helping Community Lifeline Center you can write yours: “Saw need. Shared blessings. Changed Lives.”

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