Thursday , 26 April 2018

Black Friday Shopping Tips: How to Survive the Rush

black fridayAlright, check your alarm clocks. Are they set for 8 p.m.? Because some stores are opening that early this year! So here are some tips for surviving the the biggest day during the holiday season.

1. Put your makeup on the night before and sleep on your back or go all natural and scare the other shoppers away.

2. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes.Running in Christian Louboutin  can prove to hazardous when trying to grab the last Keurig Coffee Maker.

3. Use your elbows, you need that toaster oven more than that guy!

4. Stretch, you’re going to have to run.

5. Carry a fog horn, get those slow walkers out of the way!

6. To expedite your check out process, wear a badge with your name on it. you’ll look like you belong at the register and you might even get an employee discount .

7. Buddy System: Two times the deals, however choose wisely. Preferably some one from the WWE. That way they can carry all your bags or you. Remember you’re only as good as your buddy.

8. Know who you’re shopping for. YOU!  Make sure you get everything for your self first! Then take care of the family.

9. Wear deodorant! You’re going to sweat…wear a sweat band too!

10.  The most important is: have a designated driver to drop to off and pick you up ! Don’t waste time parking, matter of fact, tuck and roll. Don’t even stop the car. Or if that doesn’t work, bring cones with you and make your own parking spot.

Alright folks, go camp out and remember these ten tips, you’ll thank me later on. On a serious note, be safe and have fun!

From all of us at TSB, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

*TSB is not responsible if you are mistaken for an employee, if you are issued a ticket or do any of the above.




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