Saturday , 21 April 2018

Beauty Made Easy: New Year, New You

We all hear, “A new year, a new you!” right? And for 2014, I want you to make beauty resolutions. For example, mine are:

1. Wear more lipcolor such as neon orange (makes your teeth look whiter!) and orchid.
2. Make labels for products
3. Buy more multi-purpose products ( think bronzer for eyeshadow)

Now, my resolutions are mostly for my professional kit except my number one, so for your resolution keep this one tip in mind: Break Makeup Habits. We are all guilty of creating habits with our makeup, like wearing black liner every single day. It’s a classic and looks oh so chic but swap black for navy. Navy liner offers color without losing the intensity and flatters every eye color. Here are some of my essential things I have in my kit that you should have too!

Fix +- MAC Cosmetics mineral facial spray with green tea and Cucumber helps keep your skin hydrated. (

Urban Decay Eye Potion- My favorite eye primer for keeping everything in place but work fast because it sets quickly. (

Duo Eyelash Glue- My favorite eyelash glue, non irritating and drys fast. And your lashes stay on all night. (

Vasiline- Gentle way to remove eye makeup with out drying out delicate eye area. Can also be used to a gloss without it being sticky on your lips.(

Brushes- Five good brushes will last you and yes the brand matters! You can keep going every six months and spend about $15-$20 each time or invest in one brush every other month and have them last years. Go to Spehora, MAC or Make Up Forever and see which ones you like. Remember to tell the artists if you have sensitive skin.

Gold Eyeliner- Use this instead of white in the bottom lash line for you to look more awake.

Clear Mascara- If you’re not fond of Mascara or are lucky enough to have naturally dark eyelashes, clear mascara acts like eyelash gel to keep them in place. Also use it on your stray eyebrow hairs.

These are just some of my tricks and tips, also…CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!!! Brushes harbor bacteria that can lead to acne and other skin irritations so clean every week with either brush cleaner or baby shampoo. It’s gentle enough for the brush while also cleaning it and its gentle on your skin.

Sound off in the comments below on your new beauty resolutions!

Photos by TSB’s Sawyer Erickson

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