Tuesday , 24 April 2018

Beauty Made Easy: Natural Eyebrows

eyes-16Eyebrows are a crucial facial feature, one that allows us to express every emotion without saying a word.  For example, you can usually tell a villain in a Disney movie by how their eyebrows look. That’s why, unless you are a robot or undergo a certain cosmetic procedure (which is fine), your forehead wrinkles! So you can understand why it’s so important to make sure they look amazing.

As a rule, your brows should be the same color as your hair, and if that isn’t an option, then go lighter. You can also purchase stencils to fill your brows for a desired shape.

Tools You’ll Need: Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow Comb
Clear Mascara

Step One: Start by combing your eyebrows towards your nose, then comb them straight up. ( Trust me)

Step Two: Comb them towards your ears and into place.

Step Three: Taking your pencil, begin to fill in your brows by using short, flicking motions. Imagine you are adding in little hairs. After three or four motions, comb the color through to diffuse the intensity, continuing to do so until your brows are filled in to your liking.

Step Four: Set your brows with clear mascara to ensure they stay in place and don’t “run off.”

Step Five (Optional): Set with translucent powder for maximum longevity and add a brow highlight underneath.

Splurge: Lash Comb- $15.00 (maccosmetics.com)
MAC Eyebrow Pencil- $16.00 (maccosmetics.com)

Save: Maybelline Expert Tools Brush ‘N Comb-$4.58 (walmart.com)
Covergirl Perfect Blend Pencil-$4.44 (walmart.com)

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