Thursday , 26 April 2018

Be Prepared for Holiday Burglaries; Local Crime Report

By TSB Staff Reports


The McKinney Police Department reports that crime can happen in any area of the city, especially during the holidays when families are away from home.

The McKinney Police encourage residents to take simple steps that can help ward off a would-be burglary. Tips from the McKinney PD:

“We must all take an extra few seconds to make sure the doors and windows to our homes are locked, that outside lighting is working and that our homes do not offer hidden places for burglars to hide without being seen by a neighbor. By working together as a community, residents can be the eyes and ears of the police department in every neighborhood. No city can afford to have a police officer on every street, but combined with good communication and good acquaintances, every street can help alert police officers when something is suspicious.

Calling 9-1-1: To share suspicious activity with the MPD, residents can always call 9-1-1. If you get an unexpected knock on the front door, realize it could be a burglar checking to see if anyone is home. A homeowner should ask who is there before opening the door and only open the door when you feel safe doing so. If you don’t feel safe, call 9-1-1.

If you or a neighbor sees people they do not recognize from the neighborhood walking in the alleys or between houses, call in a “suspicious person” to 9-1-1 and let the MPD check out the stranger.

If you are unfortunate enough to be at home when a burglary occurs, or hear a window break or a door being pried open, you should make as much noise as possible and call 9-1-1. Most burglars are looking for crimes of opportunity and target houses where they know they will not be seen or caught. If you let them know that someone is in the house, they are more likely to get out of the area before they can be identified.

A quick look at arrests last 30 days in McKinney, as compiled by TSB:

* 35-year-old man arrested for possession of substance at 500 S. Chestnut Street.

* 21-year-old possession – delivery at Community and University.

* 19- and 25-year-old men, noise disturbance, at 3300 North McDonald.

* 44-year-old man, public intoxication, Wilmeth and Redbud.

* 20-year-old man, driving while intoxicated, Wilmeth and Redbud.

* 41-year-old woman, shoplifting, 1400 S. McDonald.

* 21-year-old, driving while intoxicated, 4200 Eldorado Parkway.

* 43-year-old man, family violence assault, Waterfall Drive.

* 29-year-old man, family violence assault, Grassmere Lane.

* 32-year-old man, driving while intoxicated, Jefferson Street and McDonald.

* 23-year-old man, theft, 5000 McKinney Ranch Parkway.

* 22-year-old woman, driving while intoxicated, Hwy. 380 and Ridge.

* 19-year-old man, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud Lane.

* 55-year-old woman, shoplifting, 1700 Hwy. 380.

* 37-year-old man, injury to disabled individual, Furrow Drive.

* 19-year-old man, shoplifting, 1700 Custer Road.

* 36-year-old woman, trespassing, White Ave.

* 39-year-old woman, assault, Eldorado.

* 24-year-old man, making illegal substances, Jennie Street.

* 24-year-old man, shoplifting, Redbud.

* 36-year-old man, trespassing, Tennessee.

* Two men arrested, DWI, U.S. 75

* 17-year-old man, theft, Wilson Creek.

* 24-year-old woman, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 27-year-old man, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 34-year-old man, possession of marijuana, Colorado St

* 21- and 20-year-old men, possesion, Elm and Chestnut.

* 23-year-old man, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 20-year-old man, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 20-year-old man, possession of illegal substance, 2600 Country Club

* 23-year-old, possession of marijuana, County Road 1006

* 44-year-old man, public intoxication, 4500 Medical Center Drive.

* 41-year-old woman, family violence assault, 900 South Wilson Creek.

* 17-year-old man, evading detention, 200 Short Street.

* 45-year-old woman, family violence assault, 900 Anthony.

* 31-year-old man, possession of marijuana, Virginia and Murray.

* 41-year-old woman, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 24- and 29-year-old men, public intoxication, 100 North Tennessee.

* 22-year-old man, public intoxication, 400 South Tennessee.

* 47-year-old man, public intoxication, 800 Jefferson.

* 20-year-old arrested, public intoxication, 1000 Cole Street.

* 23-year-old man, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 31-year-old man, family violence assault, 1000 Church Street.

* 20-year-old woman, shoplifting, 2041 Redbud.

* 18-year-old man, theft, 2300 Geneva Lane.

* 17-year-old, theft, 1700 North Custer Road.

* 24-year-old man, burglary, 700 Throckmorton Place.

* 40-year-old man, public intoxication, 2500 Virginia Parkway.

* 41-year-old woman, assault, 700 South College Street.

For more on these and other arrest reports:

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