Tuesday , 19 June 2018

Bad Grandpa: Boring and Exhausted

BAD GRAMPAJohnny Knoxville is at it again with MTV Film’s Bad Grandpa, pranking unsuspecting victims and staging ridiculous shenanigans. However, Mr. Knoxville needs to work on either shortening trailers or providing better material because the trailer showed all the funny parts of the film. It was disappointing to look forward to expanded material or longer scenes that we as an audience never saw.

The story centers on Billy, a boy whose mother leaves him in the care of his grandfather Irving (played by Knoxville) till his no good dad takes him in. This scripted part of the film hinders the credibility of all of the “hidden camera” pranks but gives the audience some nice “awe” moments. Speaking of hidden cameras, the unsuspecting people in the film that witnessed for instances, an old man going though a drive- through in a cart while intoxicated,  should hide their face in embarrassment for being so easily duped. One scene in particular where Irving is trying to mail Billy, the women have no common sense when they actually found out that the boy was alive in a box. They even asked Knoxville if that was legal!

The laughs were far and few between because of the other films Knoxville has been associated with, Borat, and The Dictator. We’ve seen most of the gags done before, whether it was intentionally making someone mad to having disturbing bodily functions in public, it was nothing new.  

This film lacked innovation and while the pageant scene did not disappoint, most of the others did. This film needed more direction and imagination, because even the scripted “pranks” were boring and you could tell which scenes had been written. You can even see a mic in Billy’s ear during one of the car rides, seriously.

Bad Grandpa came too late in the game as far as “real” comedies go, and it couldn’t gain the momentum that Borat, for example, generated. Save this one folks, for Netflix or Red Box.  

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