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Back to School, College Edition: Dress Casual, Go Electronic


The month of August means back to school, which is a bittersweet time for all. Bitter for students and sweet for parents. However, the most exciting part about going back to school is back to school shphoto copyopping.

From school suppliesto outfits,students everywhere are preparing for the upcoming semester. In high school, girls are planning their first day of school outfit, which means waking up at the crack ofdawn to make sure your hair is done, makeup is flawless, outfit is perfect and there’s still enough time to make a Starbucks run before class starts at 7:30 a.m.

What about college kids? Oh don’t worry; we have our first day outfits planned out, too. Except we all look extra comfortable in our athletic shorts and T-shirts.

“We wear a uniform of workout clothes,” University of North Texas student Mandie Berber said.

You could say we’re predictable because that’s actually what we wear every single day. Crazy right? Not really, the atmosphere is just much more relaxed and casual since people are more concerned with making good grades than putting together a stellar outfit, not to mention most of us can’t afford it since our money is spent on food, housing and tuition. Honestly, unless you’re a fashion major or you have a presentation, people actually think it’s strange if you dress up for class. got a chance to ask some college students what they think about college fashion.

“College fashion is much more relaxed than high school,” UNT student Katie Blackwell said. “In high school I got up early to look nice for school and in college its all about rolling out of bed a few minutes prior to class and slipping on Nike shorts and a big T-shirt.”

Instead of needing a stylish wardrobe for school, college students are more focused on accessories and basics.

“I have to have my Lilly Pulitzer planner and my Vera Bradley backpack to keep me organized and stylish,” said Alex Fiew, a UNT student.

Squaready20130808163301“I just need my Lilly Pulitzer planner, black leggings and my phone,” UNT student Natalie Boyd said.

“I have to have my planner, spiral notebook, tote bag and different colored pens,” Berber added.

“For school stuff a planner is absolutely essential to keep on top of things and be able to get everything done,” University of Texas student Emily Neerings said. “Also my MacBook because a lot of projects and assignments require it. A backpack too, because totes or carrying everything doesn’t cut it when you’re walking multiple miles every day. This year I’m also buying a bike to help cut down on the trip between classes. As far as fashion goes in summer months, I basically live in Nike shorts and t shirts. Once it gets cooler I start wearing yoga pants and Victoria Secret sweats. Comfort is really all I care about in college.”

This fashion sense is almost an unwritten rule when students come to college, even graduating seniors know what to expect.

“I’m expecting college fashion to be a lot more laid back and comfy as opposed to high school image copy 4being more fashionable due to the fact people actually care in high school what you look like everyday,” said MHS graduate Courtney Derrick, a future Harding University student.

Electronics are also a huge part of college life, from special apps to keep you organized or keeping notes and assignments.

“Some of my professors have online outlines or they move too fast for me to keep up with a pen and paper, so I type my notes in those classes,” Neerings said. “I love my MacBook, it really is a lifesaver. I just hate how heavy it is to carry a laptop in your backpack. So this year I’m super excited that I got an IPad mini with a  keyboard attachment. Its super light and allows me to take notes just as I would with my MacBook without being as heavy.”

“I love my MacBook because it literally does everything,” St. Edwards University student Nicole Gostic said.

Pinterest also has some great tips and tricks for taking notes and this link has the best apps for college students. However, many students still prefer to handwrite all their notes.

“I take notes in a spiral every time, I remember more when I write it down,” Gostic said.

“I like to write my notes down because it helps me remember what was said.” Mandie Berber said.

“I write notes in different colors everyday in a different spiral for every class,” Natalie Boyd said.

Overall, the fashion world is college is more accessory based rather than clothing. The outfits are simple and comfortable and we like to dress them up with colorful tennis shoes, backpacks, other school supplies and electronics.

If you missed Kristin Zodrow’s “Back to School” fashion piece for girls, please click here.


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