Wednesday , 21 March 2018
Angie Bado
Angie Bado

Angie’s Insights: Glad I’m Not In Council’s Shoes On This One

Arguably, one of city council’s most difficult tasks must be the appointment of citizens to fill the positions that come available on McKinney’s many boards and commissions. (I’m glad I’m not sitting in any of their shoes on this one). While some of these boards make major decisions, such as to how funds are spent or, for example, which projects make it through the planning and zoning process, other boards and commissions are advisory only. Regardless, the individuals who sit on the various city boards and commissions can wield enormous influence on a wide range of issues that, in most cases, end up coming before the city council.

Our current council speaks about their efforts at transparency often, and, while some of you may disagree, I witness transparency in action routinely. I applaud that. But as I sat at Monday night’s meeting where appointments to boards and commissions were being made, I couldn’t help but think that the discussion surrounding the pros and cons of our citizens should not be held in public.

I’ve heard council members say that these appointments should be taken seriously and that the process is difficult, in part because every council member cannot possibly know each applicant personally. Therefore, council must rely on the recommendations of their peers who do have personal knowledge of an applicant, or on those council members who conducted the interview with an applicant.

Therein lies the problem. Council wants to give serious consideration to the appointment process, however, I submit that transparency, in this case, can be like a monster rearing its ugly head. How can any member of council openly, without reservation, discuss a citizen’s capabilities in public?

Oh, it’s all fine and good to gloss over the surface stuff – he’s realiable, doesn’t miss meetings, or she has a background in marketing and finanace, etc. No problem – great for public consumption, but what if there’s something a member of council knows about an applicant that he doesn’t want to bring up in public?

I don’t know about any of you, but if I were sitting in any of council’s shoes, I would want to know as much detail as possible about the applicants. I would also be reluctant to openly discuss negatives about individuals in a public forum. What if a certain character flaw (and, if I’m not mistaken, we all have at least one) – let’s just say anger issues for example – would make an individual a poor choice to serve on a particular board? Do we really want to have that hashed out (and recorded) in the public arena?

I know, I know. Some of you who are reading this are thinking what’s the big deal?  Council should be able to find a way to discuss applicant’s qualifications without “airing dirty laundry.” Perhaps. But I was up for appointment this year. I applied to be reappointed to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board. I gotta tell you, the feeling of being “discussed” in public was not one I relished. What could they say about me? When I make a commitment, I get things done, I’m dedicated, I’m well traveled and I have marketing experience. However, I was fixated on “what if council discusses my negatives?”  OK, I confess, I’m outspoken, I’m impatient, sometimes controlling and need I say more?

I have to wonder, if the discussion of applicants was allowed to take place in executive session, would we have more people apply for these important, but often time-consuming and thankless positions?  Would we have a more effective appointment process if private consideration took place?  In other words, would volunteers be more likely to be placed on boards or commissions where they might be a better fit if things could be hashed out in private? Just a thought.

Council made the following appointments:

Animal Services Advisory Board:
Ewa Cissick

Board of Adjustments
Don Mueller
Brian Cobbel – Alternate
Shannon Mott – Alternate 1 year term
Anastasia Tutson – Full Term

Building & Standards:
Randall Wilder
Kent Paluga
Peter Samsury
Gary Townsend

Community Grants Advisory
Kim Hubbard-Hall
Jeremiah Hammer
Rachel Campbell
Myra Cisneros Taylor

Historic Preservation Board:
Thomas Brad McKissick
Mark McReynolds
Barry Rumac

Library Advisory Board:
Jo Dell’Antonia
Kevin Magavern
Amanda Frady

McKinney Armed Services Memorial Board:
Charles Royko
Brad Donovan
Curtis Rath

McKinney Arts Commission:
Beth McGuire
Linda Spina
Tameika Miller
Matthew Bado
Sherry Tucker David

McKinney Community Development Corporation:
Jason Burress
George Fuller
Kevin Griffin

McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau:
George Lodge
Trae Gardner
Angie Bado
Linda Fogg
Tim Baker:  Chamber Rep

McKinney Economic Development:
Keith Clifton
Doug Parker
Steve Heussner
Darrell Tate

McKinney Housing Authority:
Elinor Williams
Donald Stockford
Thomas Johnson

McKinney Housing Finance Corporation:
Kevin Wiles
Melanie butler
John Rose
Christofer DeHart

McKinney Main Street
Janet Elwell

Parks Boards
Leslie Warren
Peter Bailey
Mike Arnold

Planning and Zoning Commission:
Robbie Clark
Lance Lindsey
Dave Kochalka
Matt Hilton
Rick Franklin




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