Tuesday , 24 April 2018

Angie’s Insights: Campaign Signs, Informative or Ridiculous?

By Angie Bado, TSB Publisher

Election day (May 29) is almost here and I’ve grown tired of being thrust into the middle of local candidates’ sign wars on every corner and in every vacant lot and field between here and the Oklahoma border!  You know what I mean. The ubiquitous campaign signs have become the visual equivalent of ambient noise like a fan humming in the background. 

One sign goes up somewhere and the signs line up like soldiers waiting for a skirmish to begin. At some point, there will be a battlefield of these “soldiers” standing at attention, working to out-maneuver each other. Some “soldiers” will relinquish their territory, falling into the shadows created by their more robust and seemingly more powerful opponents. 

Perhaps we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing these signs that they no longer make much of an impact. We know they are present as we drive by them day after day, but are we consciously recognizing the individual names stamped on each sign? Perhaps our subconscious mind takes over and the impact is subtle, but concrete. Do we feel more “comfortable” voting for someone if we recognize the name?  Or, are the signs simply more “noise” that is part of the campaign battle?

This year, signs with the candidate’s image plastered on them are turning up more frequently. I have to say though, that to me, the most startling sign of this bunch is Tincy Miller’s. Because it’s my job to do my homework on the candidates, I know that Ms. Miller graduated from SMU in 1956, which would make her somewhere around 78 years old, which is failry obvious in this photo. 


Geraldine “Tincy” Miller 




Now, check out this sign: 





Really? This campaign sign represents a 78 year old?  

There is nothing wrong with being 78 years old (the closer I get, the younger it seems) and I don’t have any thing against Geraldine “Tincy” Miller – she is one candidate I have never met – but, really, if the public doesn’t know better, they will probably assume that she is not a day over 50 (or maybe 45!)

I get that each of us want to look our very best, but clearly someone either got carried away with Photoshop, or, dug up a very old picture.   

Is this truth in advertising?  I’m just asking.                                                              

Yes, more campaign signs will be popping up closer to the November election. More signs to pass by, to take in, to assess – signs that may make an impression, one way or another. I can’t wait – can you?

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