Wednesday , 25 April 2018

American Idol Judges Criticize Cavanagh After Billy Joel Song

By Steve Kirk, TSB Editor (see the pics & video below)

The gushing praise for McKinney’s Hollie Cavanagh took a detour Wednesday night on American Idol.

Idol judges said the 18-year-old McKinney Boyd graduate was “pitchy” and didn’t solidly hit enough of her big notes while singing “Honesty” by Billy Joel.

“Hollie, you’re one of our grand singers,” judge Steven Tyler said during Fox’s live TV music competition. “But tonight you were a little pitchy. It seemed like you were overthinking the song a little bit. It seemed like you hadn’t sang it enough.”

She will learn her fate on Thursday night at 7 during Idol’s elimination show. The top 10 finalists performed and one contestant will be voted off this week unless the judges choose to utilize their one “save” of the season.

Contestants were required to perform a song by Joel, an American pop legend, as the theme for this week’s show. Joining Idol coach Jimmy Iovine in working with the singers this week was the legendary Diddy.

“Diddy really helped me understand the meaning of the song,” Hollie said.

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger worked with the contestants this week. He recommended to Hollie that she dress younger, which she did with a silver sequin halter top paired with a jacket and tuxedo pants. Hollie told Hilfiger that she likes sparkles.

Last week, Iovine’s only complaint about Hollie, ironically, was her long, evening dress. “They dressed her too old. She’s only 18!” Iovine said.

“Jimmy was absolutely on target,” Hilfiger said. “She did look like she was dressed like an old lady (last week). She doesn’t need to dress like a grandmother. … I think we can transform her and make her feel like a real star on stage.”

Apparently, it worked. Judge Randy Jackson told Hollie, “You look beautiful tonight. Great job with the styling. Just tune the vocal up a little bit now. You’re better than that, you know.”

Tough criticism, certainly. However, Hollie hasn’t received hardly any negative comments from the judges since this journey began and that is quite rare on the show. The criticism is certainly constructive.

“You take on these big songs and that’s great,” judge Jennifer Lopez said, “because you want to win this competition.  But you have to know every single note of that song. … Your voice for me, the sound of your voice, is one of my favorites in the competition this year.”

Hollie took it in stride, you could say.

“This is definitely a tough week for me,” she said. “I was just learning that song. … There were a few trouble parts for me. I’m just hoping it was enough.”

Thursday night, we find out.

Tell us what you think, TSB readers! Did you vote for Hollie? Will she survive?

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