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All-District Soccer Team: Coaches in 10-5A and 17-4A Announce Honors

By Colin Bado, TSB Sports Writer

With the soccer season in the rear view mirror, District 10-5A and 17-4A coaches have unveilved the award winners in both districts, along with first and second team honorees. Below are the full winners for each district for both the boys and girls teams:

Note: District 10-5A girls will be released next week due to Plano West still in the UIL soccer state tournament.


Award                                     Player                             Grade          
Co-Most Valuable Player:       Dillon Farrell (MBHS)  12               
                                                Mikie Swim   (MHS)    12               
Offensive Player of the Year:  Sewell Yost (MBHS)    12               
Defensive Player of the Year:  Kevin Ptacek (AHS)     12               
Midfield Player of the Year:  Gustavo Piedra (PEHS)   12
Goalkeeper of the Year:  Rylan Whan (MHS)               12
Co-Sophomore of the Year:  Evan Davies (MBHS)      10 
                                             Trent Johnson (PWHS)     10 

Co-Newcomer of the Year: Garrett Hairston (PWHS)   9 
                                            Juan Moran (MBHS)         12  

Co-Utility Player of the Year: Danny Tomeny (PSHS) 12 
                                                Ben Gupton (MBHS)    12 

Co-Coach of the Year: Casey Osborn (MBHS) 
                                     Rick Woodard (PEHS)

Key: MBHS=Boyd, MHS=McKinney, PWHS=Plano West, PSHS=Plano, PEHS=Plano East, AHS=Allen  

First Team All District:

PLAYER              POSITION     GRADE


Ryan Trayner         FWD               12
William Wiginton   CB                  12
Raul Serrano          MF                   12
Jared Symmank     OB                   12
Connor Kennedy   OB                   11


Gerson Mendoza  MF                    12
Tom Navarette      D                      12
Sean Townsend    D                       12
Matt West             D                       12


Zachary Helmick CM                     12
Andrew Russell   LM                     11
John Ridgely       CM                     11

Plano West: 

Jean Sanchez       MF                      12
AB Sanogo          D                        10

Plano East: 

Connor Cunningham   D                 12
Keven Morales            MF              12


Jessey Hein                  MF              12
Isaac Urcuyo                MF              12
Second Team All District:

PLAYER             POSITION        GRADE


Alex Lopez           FWD                    12
Pablo Jaimes         MF                        11
Blake Bambico     OB                        11
Jerrod Lacey         MF                        11
Blaine Maher        CB                        11


Andres Garza         D                         11
Quique Vicens      GK                       11
David Soto           FWD                     12
Francisco Manzanarez MF                 12


Austin Robinson    LB                       12
CJ Hendricks         GK                       11
Tyler Anderson      CB                       12

Plano West: 

Sebastian Kleinerman MF                   11
Isaiah Jackson             MF                    9

Plano East: 

Adam Schultz             FWD                12
Parker Roland              D                     10


Steve Cypert               FWD                 12
Alec Bidwell                 D                     12

Honorable Mention:

PLAYER                   POSITION       GRADE


Julian Bettin                  CB                  10
Kyle Bennett                 FWD              10


Arshya Khalilian           FWD               10
Josh McAllister             MF                  10
Chris Garza                   MF                  12
Dante Nunez                 FWD               11


Anthony Thomson       CB/CM            12
Tanner McClinton        CB/CM            12
Andrew Greenleaf        RM                  12

Plano West: 

Brandt Phillips                D                    12
John Rind                       FWD              12

Plano East: 

Brian Balke                     D                    11
Eric Mancias                   MF                  11
Malik Shaheed                FWD               9

Travis Higgins                MF                  11
Cody Ganze                    FWD/MF        11


Award                                          Player                                   Grade                  

Most Valuable Player                   Morgan Dizney (MNHS)      13                        

Offensive Player of the Year        Zach Peterson (PHS)             12                         

Midfield Player of the Year          Marcos Linares (SHS)           12                        

Co-Defensive Player of the Year  Andrew Alies (PHS)             13                         
                                                      Jacob Garber (DHS)             12                         

Goalkeeper of the Year                 AJ Jones (AHS)                   13                        

Utility Player of the Year               Caleb Norman (DHS)         13                         

Co-Newcomer of the Year            Eduardo Flores (AHS)         16                          
                                                        Arnold Fajardo (DHS)         16                       

Coach of the Year                         Ryan Rogers (PHS)                                                

Key: MNHS=North, PHS=Prosper, SHS=Sherman, DHS=Denison, AHS=Anna

First Team All-District:

PLAYER                                          POSITION                              GRADE
McKinney North:

Johnson Jones                                    DEF                                          13
Sean Martineau                                 DEF                                           14
Morgan Dizney                                 FWD                                         13
Bryce Clark                                       GK                                          13


Andrew Alies                                     DEF                                          13
Ronald Rivas                                      FWD                                        13
Zach Peterson                                    FWD                                          14
Logan Wymes                                   GK                                             14
Dalton Knipe                                     MF                                             14


Alan Segura                                      DEF                                            14
AJ Jones Jacob                                 GK                                              13


Garber Brandt                                  DEF                                            14
Krasovic Orlando                             FWD                                          14
Macedo Johnson                             MF                                               14


Clemente Reyna                              DEF                                             14
Marcos Linares                                MF                                              14
Travis Wiley                                    MF                                              13

Second Team All-District:

PLAYER                                          POSITION                               GRADE

McKinney North:

Kody Ludwig                                    FWD                                             14
Gunnar Livingston                            MF                                                 14
Justin Adler                                       MF                                                 13
Kyle Biggio                                       FWD                                              15


Paul Sayers                                       MF                                                 13
Jason Sefcik                                    DEF                                                 13
Garrett Moore                                 DEF                                               14
Jordan LeClair                                 MF                                                 15
Kade Nielsen                                   MF/DEF                                         14


Ben Monteon                                   FWD                                           13
Samuel Oku Marcos                        FWD                                           14


Marcos Sauceda                              MF                                               14
Drew Anderson                               DEF                                              14
Tate Perkins                                    MF                                                14


Anthony White                                MF                                               13
Cristian Casco                                  DEF                                              14
Zach Precopia                                  DEF                                              13

Honorable Mention:

PLAYER                                      POSITION                               GRADE
McKinney North:

Anthony Sanders                           FWD                                          15
Kaleb Gaylord                                DEF                                           14
Mark Aquino                                  DEF                                           14
Joseph Khalaf                                DEF                                            15


Colton Jordening                         FWD                                           14
Santiago Rodriguez                     MF                                              14
Zach Reynolds                              DEF                                           14
Esteban Garibay                           MF                                              13


Caleb Wycoff                                 CB                                                13
Eduardo Flores                              CM                                               16
Aubrey Bradshaw                         OM                                               16
Marcos Martinez                          LB                                                  14


Manny Mandujano                        MF                                               13
Jake Trotter                                    FWD                                            13
Kaleb Rice                                      GK                                              14
Michael Moran                                GK                                             14


Joseph Khalaf                                     GK                                              15
Gerardo Loya                                     MF                                              13
Manuel Gutierres                             FWD                                            14
Kevin Ditzler                                     FWD/DEF                                    13


Award                                     Name                                     Grade

District MVP                          Belicia Mendiola (MNHS)        14 

Offensive Player of Year        Barbara Pascale (PHS)              13 

Midfielder of the Year            Jackie Bucy (MNHS)                 13 
                                               Amanda Henry (PHS)                15 

Defensive Player of the Year  Bailey Pitzer (AHS)                    13 

GK of the Year                       Clarissa Ledesma (MNHS)         14 
                                                Erin Armstrong (DHS)                15  

Utility Player of the Year        Angel O’Brien (DHS)                 14

Newcomer of the Year            Taylor Cavanaugh (PHS)           13 

Coach of the Year                   Lance Lovell (MNHS)

Asst Coach of the Year           Manuel Mendiola (MNHS)

Key: MNHS=North, PHS=Prosper, SHS=Sherman, DHS=Denison, AHS=Anna
First Team All-District  

McKinney North:          Grade

Micaela Mendiola         13
Mary Watson                13
Keirsyn McDaniel         13
Elizabeth Zwillenberg  13
Hadlie Tucker               14
Sandy Pachicano           15
Prosper:                 Grade

Sarah Felan            13
Heather Cagle        13
Brooke Bednarz     13
Payton Jones          13
Pietra Giacon          15
Sherman:               Grade 

Rachel Fair            13
Kelsey Jarvis          14
Kate Oelfke           16
Paige Aleman         16

Anna:                       Grade   

Taylor Morrow       14   
Itzia Naranjo            14   
Cassidy Standridge  14   

Denison:                 Grade   

Hannah Borg          13 
Harley Goodin        15 
Second Team All District

McKinney North:     Grade

Sabrina Martineau    15
Sadie Decker            16
Alon Encalade          15
Mikhayla White        16
Brooke Rasor            13
Jozelle Aguilar           15
Prosper:                  Grade

McKenna Moore   16
Mason Ellis           13
Kierstyn Luckock  15
Elise Parker           14
Gabi Morales         15
Sherman:                 Grade

Genisis Echevarria  13
Madison Craig        14
Kelly Sibrian           16
Sami Powers            14

Anna:                      Grade

Kristina Lob            14
Lisa Chavez             15
Francis Naranjo       15

Denison:                 Grade
Gabrielle Alaniz     13
Angela Moreno      14

Honorable Mention

McKinney North:    Grade

Tiffany Gonzalez    14
Hannah Story          15
Mallory Winburn    16
Prosper:             Grade

Erin Sartain        16
Mac Anderson  16
Sherman:              Grade

Heather Stovall    13
Marisol Arroyo    15

Anna:                       Grade

Ruthie Rodriguez  15
Autumn Spaeth     16

Denison:                      Grade
MacKenzie Balentine   15
Erin Zahirniak              13

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