Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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A “FREE” Website? You Get What You Pay For!

If you own or manage a business, you need a professional website!  No matter what business you are in, you need a professional website!

There are more and more products out there that claim that you can build your own “professional” website for little or no money and without much effort.   These companies all make similar promises and their “professional” websites make everything look wonderful and easy. If you take the time to read reviews or blogs about these “easy” websites, you will find many frustrated customers.

Compare a free website with a free printer.  Printers are a vital part of many businesses, even today in our paperless world.  It used to be common to receive a free printer when you bought a computer.  Rarely was that printer of the quality necessary for ANY small business.   Remember the so called “FREE” website is an enticement to get you to buy other products or services.  These companies are NOT in the business of professional website design or search engine optimization (SEO)!

Top 4 Problems with “FREE” Online Website Builders-

1.    Ease of Use Issues- You are not a website designer, and it is NOT as easy as it looks!

  • Limited functionality (unless you pay more)
  • Difficult to customize (do you want your website to look just like 100 others?)
  • A lot less control over the website itself

 2.    Technical Support and Hosting- You definitely GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  • Slow web hosting which make editing the site a slow motion chore
  • Slow web hosting which makes your site fail to load or load slowly
  • Poor customer support, or no customer support

 3.    Ownership – Do You know who owns YOUR website?

  • Not transportable; if you want to use a different host you have to start over
  • Can’t remove the program’s self-promoting link or links
  • Your website can just disappear…

4.    Quality Issues – 

  • The website builder does not tell you when you make mistakes or provide feedback
  • Images – professional websites have professional images…this is not a scrapbook
  • CONTENT – Quality content is vital to a successful website, these companies do not provide or assist with your content
  • Little or no search engine optimization (SEO) because of inexperience or considering SEO after the website is built

Search engine optimization (being found online for what you do) is a science and it requires knowledge, patience and experience. Legitimate SEO takes real effort and many hours of work.  SEO is ongoing and your website needs attention daily, weekly and monthly to keep it healthy and vibrant.  Your website is your hardest working employee.  It works for your business 24/7 and never needs a break; however it does need attention and investment. That alone is a very good reason for not building a website yourself.  We build websites and provide digital marketing services, we are professionals.  Save money and build your business with the power of digital media, by doing it right the first time…hire a professional.

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