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6 Best Sodas….Give Them a Try

By Judi LaPan, One Goal Fitness

Soda is not something you want as part of a regular diet. We looked high and low for healthy soda alternatives, free of the worst offenders in traditional sodas, such as GMOs or artificial caramel coloring that can be contaminated with carcinogens. Nor do any of our healthy sodas come bottled in cans. Some do contain cane sugar, a less-processed sugar that still should be consumed in moderation, and others are flavored with other sweeteners to avoid, but they’re all far better alternatives to what’s lurking in most soda cans. Next time a soda craving strikes, try one of these eight healthy sodas.

Steaz Sparkling Green Tea
If you need an afternoon caffeine fix, grab a Steaz Green Tea soda instead. In addition to the fact that green tea is loaded with antioxidants, this no-cal soda alternative is sweetened with stevia and erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol. It’s also fortified with vitamin B12, which helps improve your mood, your energy levels, and mental fog.

Reed’s Light Extra Ginger Brew
Ginger ale, or ginger beer depending on who you’re talking to, can be a home remedy for nausea, upset stomachs, and even sore muscles, but 99 percent of ginger ale contains tons of sugar and little to no real ginger. Not so with Reed’s ginger brews, which contain the most ginger of any brand out there. They just introduced a new “light” variety that, at just 55 calories per bottle, is sweetened with honey and stevia.

Virgil’s Root Beer
Virgil’s Root Beer is root beer made the way nature intended, by brewing a combination of herbs and spices naturally. However, good as it is, this soda won’t win you any favors with your waistline. At 160 calories per serving and 42 grams (g) of sugar, make it a weekly indulgence.

Oogave is one of few certified-organic soda brands out there, and the line includes an organic cola alternative for people who love Coke or Pepsi. All the company’s sodas contain half the sugar (24 g) that conventional sodas and other cane-sugar-sweetened sodas do. None of their products exceeds 100 calories per bottle.

Hot Lips Soda
his fruit soda is another winner, with the brand’s lineup even changing with the seasons based on what’s locally available—apples and pears in the fall and raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and other berries in spring and summer. Some of the fruits are even organic. For the healthiest Hot Lips drinks, grab the cranberry or pear sodas, neither of which has any added sugar.
Cranberry: 155 calories; Pear: 122 calories

Fizzy Lizzy
All Fizzy Lizzy sodas are nothing more than carbonated water combined with actual fruit juice, with a little vitamin C added as a preservative. The makers don’t add sugar of any kind, so all the sugars in their sodas are naturally occurring. For the lowest-calorie options, go with the cranberry soda—just 100 calories per bottle and 22 g of sugars—or the grapefruit—also 100 calories with 25 g of sugar.


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