Tuesday , 19 June 2018

10 Tips to Turning Mental Mountains into Molehills

Focusing on objects that are or should be in the rear-view mirror keeps us from focusing on current opportunities and future successes. This often leads to the stress, frustration and even the tension we experience. Whether it’s losing weight, getting a job, or even relationships, one of our biggest difficulties is not concentrating on our real desired outcomes. We have just as much power over our present as our future if we realize and decide that we can, in fact, accomplish anything. This first sets the tone from the very beginning. Sometimes we make ourselves losers in our own personal mind games, listening to our own negative self-talk…and even worse, believing it. Whatever the task or objective, we should acknowledge our role/impact on achieving our goals. The following are ten ways that we can turn what may often appear as insurmountable MOUNTAINS into measly molehills:


1. set mini goals-allows us to gain confidence and build steam as we go; also allows us to stay ‘present’

2. breath-regular breathing puts the body in a harmonious condition; working through the body to reach the mind

3. smile-start each day with a smile, don’t take self too seriously

4. acknowledge positive/negative feelings-deal w/and correct it or realize there’s nothing you can do about it and move on

5. reposition-don’t have to receive/internalize other people’s toxic thoughts, creating more negative energy

6. chill out-let compassion temper conflicts and all negativity

7. word power-words change our thoughts, emotions, experiences; internal words perpetuate outside

8. be positive/uplifting-in lifting up others, we feel better

9. don’t poison others-don’t make life miserable for others with reckless, ruthless and selfish behavior

10. smell the roses-appreciate TODAY, the what and the who’s you have, not what you don’t

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